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CAP Corner Guards listed as one of our Nations Top 50 Manufactures

Posted by Ron Moore on

Wall and Ceilings Magazine has listed CAP Corner Guards one of our Nations Top 50 Manufactures for 2019

Functional Design

How many times have you been in a public setting, whether it be an office, hospital, or store, and noticed that the functional elements just do not work. Now they could be functional but do they work with the purpose of the space as a whole? Sadly, many times, the answer is a resounding “no”. [...]

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CAP Corner Guards: Design For The Rest Of Us

Remember that episode of the definitive 90s TV show Seinfeld? The one where they come up with the idea of a holiday for the rest of us? Well it seems to have caught on and people all over the world celebrate festivus, and not just fans of the show. Festivus is interesting in the fact [...]

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Functional Architectural Elements

There are few things in architecture more overlooked than corner guards. Big surprise right? Generally, they are thought of as utilitarian and pedestrian accents for your walls and corners. While that may be true, the impact that a good corner guard can have on the integrity of your building is unrivaled. Which got us thinking, [...]

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CAP Corner Guards, Committed to Quality

In this day and age it can seem like the quality of building materials has gone down considerably. We live in homes that feature cheap particle board walls and pressed wood floor joists. We work in offices that are thrown up in a very short period of time with doors that won't close and corners [...]

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Welcome to CAP Corner Guards Online!

We are pleased to welcome you to the source for premier architectural stainless steel corner guards in the country. We take pride in utilizing the finest materials, craftsmanship, and customer service available. We recognize that not every application is the same and when you need a custom solution for your project, we can provide the [...]

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