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Stainless Steel Corner Guards


Columbia Architectural Products, Inc.

10722 Tucker Street

Beltsville, Maryland 20705

Phone: (301) 937-4383

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Product Description:

CAP's stock Corner Guards are #4 brushed satin finish, Type 304 alloy 16 gauge, Architectural Grade Stainless Steel. Available in 90° and 135° angles. Custom angles are also available.

Stock Lengths are 24", 44", 48", 60", 92" and 96". Custom lengths up to 120" are also available. This will allow you to just target a specific area or an entire corner from floor to ceiling.

The satin finish of the CAP stainless steel corner guard is unmatched in beauty. They protect against severe blows and provide a tough, yet light and attractive look for corner protection.

Our factory drilled hole option accommodates a #8 pan-head screw. For your convenience, CAP offers these stainless steel screws - sold in packs of 10.

Wall End Caps Also Available:                            Options:


Stainless Steel Wall End Caps are available customized to your specific wall thickness for full wrap-a-round wall protection. Just specify your width and height.

For a more finished look, select the 3/8" wing option. The leg of the wall guard is slightly kicked toward the wall for a tight fit. If you suspect the corners of your wall to be slightly out of square, this option helps with that as well.


Our stock Corner Guard is 90° #4 brushed and is available with the following options:

  • Holes

  • Two Sided Tape

  • 3/8" Wings

  • Wings with Holes

  • Wings with Two Sided Tape

  • 90° or 135° Angle

Features and Benefits:

When you own or manage a business, it's difficult to keep the walls completely protected. And it's particularly impossible to keep employees, customers and equipment from occasionally bumping into them.

Wall corners without protection can easily be damaged and make the entire building look unprofessional. The CAP Stainless steel corner guard will protect corners against all different kinds of damage.

Because our corner guards fit tight around the wall corners, you don't have to worry about taking up space in already narrow hallways. Various options are offered to allow for a variety of installations. Easiest of the options is a peel and stick factory applied Two Sided Tape. Just Peel and stick!

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