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CAP Corner Guards: Design For The Rest Of Us

Posted by Ron Moore on

Remember that episode of the definitive 90s TV show Seinfeld? The one where they come up with the idea of a holiday for the rest of us? Well it seems to have caught on and people all over the world celebrate festivus, and not just fans of the show. Festivus is interesting in the fact that not only was it created by a TV show, but it is kind of a fun idea for the general public. Something that all can enjoy regardless of station or rank.

When an architect designs an office building, it is generally the interior that gets overlooked. Of course it is mainly the functional parts of a building that are the most mundane. There are always the big atriums and show spaces that are mainly designed to be impressive to the visitor, but most often the utilitarian spaces are neglected. There are no sweeping design elements. The most an employee can expect to encounter is the corner guards on the walls. That's right, when all else fails, it is the mighty corner guard that separates us from out neanderthal ancestors.

At CAP Industries, we make the finest in corner guards for a wide variety of projects. The superior construction is only one aspect of our corner guards, the brushed finish makes them ideal for just about every application. Not only do they look amazing but they give the employee spaces a bit of a much needed beautification.

Design Helps Employees

There have been many different studies as to what the effect of color and lighting has on employees. There are theories that a certain spectrum of light can increase productivity and things like plants are supposed to keep workers calm. In many office environments, it is the public spaces that are generally the most planned out and maintained. The employee areas are just blank walls and cubicles. While most of us are totally OK with this situation, why not add some corner guards to brighten up the area a bit? Not only are they functional, but they add a bit of class to the employee areas. Just like festivus, CAP Corner Guards makes corner guards for the rest of us.

Get Yours Today!

Getting your CAP Corner Guards is as easy as ordering direct from our factory in Beltsville, Maryland. We are proud to be a made in the USA company and make a commitment everyday to produce the finest quality product for your project. If you need to get your order of corner guards there the next day, we will do everything in our power to make that happen. The only thing you need to do is order before 11 AM (ET). This is the most effective way to get your corner guards the next day. Our corner guards are made of the finest 304, brushed stainless steel in 16 gauge to enhance durability. They would be the ideal addition to your office, factory, or business. Contact us today for more information and ordering instructions.