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Functional Design

Posted by Ron Moore on

How many times have you been in a public setting, whether it be an office, hospital, or store, and noticed that the functional elements just do not work. Now they could be functional but do they work with the purpose of the space as a whole? Sadly, many times, the answer is a resounding “no”. At CAP Corner Guards, we believe just because something is functional, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be aesthetically appealing. We take this philosophy and apply it to each and every one of our stainless steel corner guards.

Industrial Design

When designing something that is first and foremost required to function, many companies simply do not put much thought into beauty or aesthetics when offering a useful product. Fortunately this kind of thinking has gone by the wayside in the last few years. More and more, industrial designers are thinking more and more about the whole experience of an object. Take for example the obvious (iPhone), and the not so obvious (a spoon) — both of these items have incredible usefulness but can also look really appealing. The design does not matter when it comes to pure function, but when you are trying to get humans to buy something, it better be different than the rest. Take the iPod, it pretty much changed the way cell phones were designed, as the industry tends to follow trends like that. Look at flip phones, everyone had one and all of a sudden, everyone had an iPhone clone.

Consumer Protection

These days, pretty much everything is assumed to function on an acceptable level. The days of buying a new product that fails to work right out of the box is not generally something we worry about, but forty years ago you could buy a motorcycle off the showroom floor that was pretty much junk right out of the gate. As time went on, people became more and more unwilling to accept a product that did not work. This led to more consumer protection laws and more watchdog groups policing the manufacturing industry. Well, once the products were reliable and useful, the need for enhanced design became a major selling point. In general, we don't buy a cell phone expecting it to explode. Well...

Is Design More Important Than Function?

Pretty much anything we buy these days is due to design. There are very few consumers out there that will put any thought into an item that is simply for function. Fortunately for CAP Corner Guards, we already have function and design in one package, so you don't have to settle when outfitting your space with corner guards. We utilize what is known in the industry as a #4 finish. This brilliant finish not only looks exceptional in almost any setting. Aside from the outstanding looks we proudly manufacture 100% stainless steel corner guards that are going to stand the test of time. No matter what you need for corner guards may be, CAP Industries has the perfect solution to fit your needs.